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Unabridged N'at

Ellen Gaus

School: Duquesne University

Major: Integrated Marketing Communication, International Relations

Hometown: Pittsburgh , Pennsylvania

I've got the wanderlust bug. Travelling the world and embracing different cultures and perspectives is a grand dream of mine. I aspire to make a difference in the world through social responsibility and activism... or by at least being open-minded – [Read more]


Dear Reader, To those who have accidentally tuned in to this broadcast, hello. You’ve stumbled upon the aimless and irregular ramblings of a mildly global individual. So at the time of this post, I have decided to no longer pursue fundraising for One Young World. In the amount of time left before the beginning of

Oh The Places I’ve Gone

Dear Reader, Well, I very intentionally missed a week because I was travelling. On 19 July, I finally skipped town to head out to visit some dear friends in Oklahoma City. The journey was only supposed to take 24 hours, but it was closer to 30 as the route I booked in January stopped running

Lacuna – Lexical Gap

Dear Reader, Once again, I am caught off-guard that two weeks has passed, and I am reduced to using a dust-gathering draft to satisfy my bi-monthly writing requirement. We’re in the doldrums. We’re all familiar with the phenomenon when one language has a word that others do not, such as zeitgeist, wanderlust, etc. However, a

Repeat After Me…

Dear Reader, How did two weeks nearly manage to escape me again? Is life really that boring? In terms of major news, I was featured on @steelcitygrammers for my picture from the Steel Tower! I was pretty floored by that. I also went to the Fireworks night at PNC Park the next day and was,

We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Blogging…

Dear Reader, So I missed a week. I am even more ashamed to say that it comes out of boredom rather than busy-ness. Though, actually, last Wednesday in particular, I was rather busy… as I was for the next few days… Regardless, let’s catch up! Since last Wednesday and now, I went to the Chvrches

For Myself

Dear Reader, I wish I had more to say at this time, but I don’t. Summer is settling in, and I’m in the routine of interning and working and enjoying nice weather when allergies haven’t gotten the better of me. I’m still waiting on a lot of information, so there’s not much happening on my


Dear Reader, Summer is upon us, so if you’re not already seeing the onslaught of travel-related posts and pictures… you’re lucky. If you’re the one travelling and posting these things… you’re lucky(and envied). Personally, I’m experiencing a good bit of travel envy, with friends jetsetting to China, London, San Francisco, Portugal, Prague, Norway and at

Bridging Experiences

Dear Reader, This is a brief bonus post. Just today, I was informed that I could return to St. Michael’s House during the One Young World Summit this year. I was accepted to attend in February, and I just started my GoFundMe a few days ago. So begins the search for funds and networking! I’ve

Background and Foreground

Dear Reader, In my Communication Ethics course, one of our big topics was about uniting the background and foreground in discourse. To fully understand what is occurring in the foreground, one must understand what in the background is contributing to the situation. Similarly, we must visually and conceptually perceive the background of pictures or human

Mosaics of Self

Dear Reader, I’ve had a lovely evening. Now that I’ve lit some candles, made a drink and settled in to get a Bildschirmbräune and All the Little Lights by Passenger, I’m ready to talk. Previously, I wrote about What We Share. Briefly, I wanna talk about what we don’t share. Imagine that our identities are composed

What We Share

Dear Reader, Today, 2 April, is World Autism Awareness Day! Today’s the day to “Light It Up Blue” and share an act of kindness with an individual with autism. Autism now affects 1 in every 68 children, which is up from the previous CDC estimate from 1 in every 88. I’m not sure what the

Makin’ Tracks

Dear Reader, Seems like I can never stay in Pittsburgh for St. Patrick’s Day. Well, actually, I can, but I’ve just never been down for our own parade! This year, I spent my weekend in Boston to celebrate my friend’s 21st birthday, so we had enough celebrating going on that we didn’t need to add

The Bigger Picture

Dear Reader, I want to think a little more broadly about study abroad experiences. Rather, let’s talk about global issues and awareness. We may be limiting ourselves when we think in terms of our homes or study abroad destinations, but underlying and overarching issues exist that bind us together as members of the human race.

About Being Worldly

Dear Reader, You don’t have to cover a map with pins to be considered worldly. Exercising cultural awareness and sensitivity is a better demonstration of consideration for other cultures. I’m currently taking a course titled “Intercultural Competency: Becoming a Global Citizen,” and we’re reading scads of articles and and exercises about intercultural communication. At the

The Problem with Puzzles

Dear Reader, So I just had the sudden realization that being a nice, friendly person doesn’t work to your advantage all the time. Let me give you an example: when we are having a particularly hectic day at the restaurant, I joking say “Well, if we didn’t serve such good food, we wouldn’t have this “busy”

Accepting Introversion Abroad

Dear Reader, Studying abroad offers students one of the best times to grow personally. One challenging but also rewarding  lesson while studying abroad is to accept yourself as you are. For me, this meant acknowledging that I am an introvert, and that’s not wrong. In fact, being content with this makes me a lot happier

A Letter to the Next

Dear Reader, Ooh, how envious I am of you! And also excited! Like, I am stupidly grinning and beaming with excitement for the journey you are about to have. Rather than me preach to you, I’m just want to convey a simple message: SLOW DOWN. Take the time to appreciate this opportunity to go abroad

A Preemptive Christmas Letter

Dear Reader, One thing I am dreading about being home(specifically, the family Christmas gathering)… is the questions. I am 100% sassy enough to hand out letters at the family Christmas party to potentially head off any questions and save myself from repeating the same answer 43 times. I asked some friends what (annoying) questions they

An Open Salutation and Love Letter to Dublin

Dear Dublin, For 111 days, I called you home. Starting from the early morning hours on the first of September when you greeted us from the clouds with rolling green fields and the sea kissing the coast, you became home. In that instant, I caught my breath, smiling with tiny tears in my eyes at

Protected: A Quick Christmas Card

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.